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Originally published August 2002, most of the scrip was lost during the archive failure

Ultimate Betrayal

Main Character List:

Raphaela Donte ; Leader of a resistance group against The Aeiouist Oppression, the dictatorial rulers of the world following a massive all-world war that lasted for centuries. She is engaged/married to Chandler Dovemore by law, but loves Casper Darius, another leader in the resistance movement. Raphaela must keep her hidden life secret from her fiancée/husband while trying to overthrow the Aeiouists.

Chandler Dovemore – A high political official in the Aeiouist regime, Chandler heads up the branch of resistance oppression and is unknowingly tracking down Raphaela, whom he believes to be little more than a scientist for the Aeiouists.

Casper Darius – Another leader of the resistance. He tries to keep his love Raphaela safe from her fiancée/husband without giving away their secret. To the public, Casper is just a systems maintenance engineer. He is strong, smart, and very loving.

Shindara Nitara – Raphaela’s best friend. Shindara is also in the resistance.

Minor Characters:

Random officials

Random workers

Random members of the resistance

Scene 1: Narration to the future

(The scene begins with a man walking into a room with a case and setting it on a table in front of an official looking person. He opens the case and inside is a device that appears to be used for recording and playing messages. The man steps back, waiting.)

Official: So what is it?

Man: It was pulled from the ruins of the Old World, sir. We believe it contains diction of something.

Official: Well then play it, dear boy, no use telling me what it is if you’re not going to work it.

Man: Yes sir.

(The man brushes off dirt and dust from the console and pushes a button. Raphaela’s voice begins.)

Raphaela: Before I tell you what I have to say, you have to understand that things were much different than they are now, or at least I hope they still are. You see, things were so awful before the revolution, when they still ruled over us all. Nothing was held sacred or personal. Nobody chose their work, nobody chose their social life, and nobody chose whom they married and created life with. Nobody, that is, besides the Aeiouists. If only you knew what the value of the freedom of living was. We, that is, the revolutionaries, referred to ourselves as the Tea Party Society. Oh, the sacrifices we made…

(The scene fades into scene two as the beginning credits roll.)

Scene 2: Gown fitting

(Raphaela is standing in front of a mirror, her friend Shindara zipping up the back of her elegant wedding gown. She looks at the mirror blankly.)

Shindara: So what do you think?

(Raphaela does not respond.)

Shindara: Hey, you, what the fuck do ya think of the dress?

Raphaela: It’s nice.

Shindara: Nice? You know, not every girl gets to wear an actual wedding gown at her wedding.

Raphaela: Yes, well, not every girl has to marry into the Aeiouist control.

Shindara: Look at it on the bright side, you’ll be wealthy and a socialite for the rest of you life.

Raphaela: As soon as I am married I am expected to birth a child who will be inherited into the Aeiouists. I can delay that for a little while, but eventually I will have to carry Chandler’s baby. As soon as I’m married you will no longer allowed to speak to me. As soon as I’m married I’ll be forced to betray Casper in the most disgusting way possible. Oh yeah, I’ll be sure to think on the bright side when I’m lawed into Chandler Dovemore’s bed. Damn you and your optimism.

(With that Raphaela and Shindara burst into laughter.)

Raphaela: Get this damned thing off of me and let’s go out and get a drink, shall we?

(Raphaela changes back into her normal clothes with her name and barcode on a band on her left arm.)

Shindara: I’m gonna miss this in a few days.

Raphaela: Who the fuck are you trying to fool? I’m not leaving the tea party society.

Shindara: I guess that means I’m not getting your job then?

Raphaela: You’d have to kill me first.

(The girls depart for the bar. The scene fades back to the room with the men. The official stops the recording.)

Official: Call headquarters! We’ve found the narration of Raphaela Donte, the rose’s thorns.

Man: Right away, sir!

(The man leaves the room and makes a call. Within moments a group of other official-looking personnel enter the room and stand around the original official’s desk.)

Official 2: We’ve been told you’ve stumbled upon Donte’s personal account of the revolution.

Official 4: Is this true?

Official: It is indeed ma’am. Ladies and gentlemen, please take a seat. Start the tape.

Man: Yes, sir.

(He restarts the tape. The scene goes back to Raphaela. She is sitting on a seat in front of her vanity in the house she and Chandler share. He walks in the room and stands behind her. Raphaela picks her brush up off the table and brushes her hair. Chandler grabs the brush so that he can brush her hair instead. Raphaela sits perfectly still. Chandler places the brush on the table and leans down, sliding the strap of her nightgown off her shoulder.)

Raphaela: No.

(She says it in an almost panicked tone. Chandler backs off with a quizzical look.)

Raphaela: We must wait until we are married.

(Chandler shrugs and sits on the sofa nearby.)

Chandler: Does the next 24 hours really make a difference, my darling Raphaela? I mean, come on…

Raphaela: You of all people ought to encourage me to obey the law, Chandler. Be it a week or the five years ago we were assigned to marry or 24 hours, the law states that premarital relations are strictly forbidden.

Chandler: You and I are Aeiouists, darling, we are above the law.

Raphaela: Until we are married I am not and you never know which of your comrades may betray you out of jealousy so it’s not safe.

(Chandler sighs and heads for the door. He pauses before leaving.)

Chandler: Then may the next day be the longest of you life. I’ll be sure it is.

(He slams the door behind him. Raphaela quickly dresses into street clothing and heads out the window. She runs through the city until reaching a large apartment building in a low-class part of town. After heading up to the 27th floor, Raphaela knocks on the door of apartment 1369. The door intercom comes on.)

Casper: What is the nature of your business?

Raphaela: I’ve come to borrow a bag of tea.

(Casper yanks open the door and pulls Raphaela inside. He shuts the door and swings her on to the couch, crawling on top of her. They kiss and strip each other down. Conversation takes place between Casper and Raphaela as they kiss and get naked and all that cool stuff.)

Raphaela: I thought you said the meeting was at 11.

Casper: I lied, it’s at 12:30.

Raphaela: Fucker.

Casper: Only you would know.

(They stop talking and get to business for a while, then talk again.)

Raphaela: Chandler made a move for me again tonight. I’m starting to get scared; I don’t think I can get out of this wedding.

(Casper gives no response, but instead stops Raphaela from saying anything further on the subject by kissing her rather forcefully. She moans in protest and pushes Casper back.)

Raphaela: Casper, this is serious shit here, you can’t keep ignoring it.

Casper: You’re right, I can’t, but I can’t just walk up to the Aeiouist Council and say, “Hey, there’s this girl I’m fucking here and you can’t make her marry one of your highest officials because I love her and she loves me”, it doesn’t work like that. We can talk about it in a half an hour or so, the situation isn’t going to change any in that amount of time. But for the next 20 to 30 minutes, I’d prefer to be fucking so maybe we can experience a little bit of bliss in this fucked up shithole of a life we have to live. Ok?

(Raphaela remains lying down, silent. Casper exhales loudly and lies down beside her.)

Casper: Aww fuck Ella, it’s just… in a day I’m going to have to share you with one of the people I hate the most and it kills me. It kills me because I’m selfish and I want to keep you for myself forever, because I’m not going to be able to be there for you the day you need me the most, and mostly because there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it without losing you entirely.

Raphaela: You’re not the one being forced to marry a dictator who wants you for nothing other than your body and for you to bear his child. You’re not the one who is going to have to explain why there’s no blood on your wedding night after you’ve delayed being laid out by using chastity as a shield. You may die if I do, but I’ll die if I don’t. Being with you is my forbidden paradise and I live for it knowing that once I get there I will die for it.

Casper: Then may we die a thousand deaths together.

(They kiss and get things going again. He he he, sex scene #1. They finish and dress right as the other leaders of the resistance arrive. They all sit in a circle in the small living room and begin discussing.)

Lazarus: What’s the news today, my fellow outlaws?

Jacinda: Word on the street is Raphaela isn’t leaving the resistance. Are you serious girl?

Raphaela: Yes, I’m staying in the resistance. Shindara will fill in for me when I’m absent, but I’ll remain with you guys until the end.

Harlan: You do realize that means you’re increasing the chances of the end you speak of being about 60 years premature for you, correct?

Raphaela: Well, yeah, but think of what we can gain in the resistance movement by having an insider. The pros outweigh the cons.

Aldrich: Are you sure you could suffer through the torture you’d be faced with if you were caught?

(Raphaela looks at Casper, whom returns her stare.)

Raphaela: Absolutely.

(The group continues talking. Raphaela glances at her watch and gets up to leave. Casper stops her at the door and kisses her.)

Casper: Be sworn by my life and live to be my death.

Raphaela: And may my soul perish so that it may accompany you on your way.

Casper: Every rose has a thorn.

Raphaela: Then may I be the one who pierces your heart.

(They kiss again. Raphaela breaks off and leaves.)

Scene 3: The longest day

(Raphaela is awakened by the sound of duct tape being pulled off the roll. Before she can scream her mouth is covered and her wrists bound. Chandler walks in the room.)

Chandler: Didn’t I tell you this would be the longest day of your life?

(Raphaela moans and struggles against her bindings. Chandler walks up to her bed and sits next to her. He brushes away a tear sliding down her cheek then suddenly slaps her across the face. He turns to the men in the room.)

Chandler: Thank you, I can handle her from here.

(They leave. As soon as the door is shut Chandler reaches up Raphaela’s nightgown and rips down her underwear. He proceeds to rape her, spewing threats and insults as he does so.)

Chandler: How dare you deny me what is my right? Who are you to go against my wishes? As my wife you are obligated to do what I want when I want it. You dirty whore. How could you consider refusing me in the bedroom? Huh?

(He finishes off and pulls his pants back up, then cuts the fabric binding her wrists.)

Chandler: Tell a soul of this and you’ll suffer more than you ever before thought possible.

(Chandler leaves the room. Raphaela unties her ankles and runs up to her vanity, grabbing a dagger from the drawer. She places it against her chest as if to kill herself then drops her arms to her sides. Raphaela’s empty hand strokes her abdomen as she closes her eyes and shudders. She opens her eyes, spins around, and hurls the dagger into a picture of Chandler hanging on the opposite wall. The blade sticks right between the eyes.)

Raphaela: I will kill you if it means the end of the earth.

Scene 4: Later that day

(The camera closes up on the dagger then zooms back as a dart. Casper, as well as the other tea party members, are at a bar playing darts and pool. Raphaela storms into the room with tearstains and a look of malice on her face. She stops in front of Casper, shaking. He puts down his pool cue and pulls her into an embrace. She sobs into his shoulder.)

Raphaela: I hate him so bad Casper; I'm gonna kill him I swear.

Casper: Shh. Be quiet, it'll be okay, just calm down. Don't attract attention to yourself. You're gonna go back and get ready, put on a smiley-happy face, and be a gorgeous bride. Everything is gonna work out eventually. I promise.

(Raphaela raises her head to whisper in his ear.)

Raphaela: Know that my first born will not be the child of Chandler Dovemore.

Casper: If anyone ever finds out they'll kill it and you.

Raphaela: Then may the child look like me and not you.

(They kiss briefly and part. Casper drops a small rose charm in Raphaela's pocket.)

Casper: Go on baby, be the rose's thorns.

Raphaela: You know I will.

Scene 5: The Wedding

(Raphaela is dressed in her gown and waiting in the back of the ceremony building with all of her bridesmaids, the other Aeiouist wives. She clasps a small silver chain around her neck with the rose charm. The music starts. Large doors open to reveal an elaborate room with hundreds of people inside. They begin walking down the aisle. Raphaela looks down and walks with a presence, raising her eyes to Chandler with a dangerous look as she reaches the altar. He smiles and glares. She responds with a fake smile and icy eyes. The ceremony begins, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, then ends. Raphaela and Chandler exit to a waiting limousine and ride in silence to the reception. Chandler speaks before exiting the car.)

Chandler: Be a good little wifey now and look good in front of all our guests.

(He leans over and kisses her. She returns the kiss, then bites his tongue. He jumps back, startled.)

Raphaela: Never assume you're safe, Mr. Dovemore.

(Raphaela smiles and exits the car, waving at the crowd outside. Chandler follows, forcing a smile and waving. They go inside and do all that reception shit then leave in the limo again. They get home and go inside.)

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